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Find out more about the team behind du engage and how our specialist expertise can help your business improve customer contact and reduce costs.

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The team behind du engage have decades of combined experience in both digital transformation and consumer engagement . Technology has moved on at an exceedingly fast pace in the last decade and this means that the traditional engagement methods are no longer the most time and cost efficient or effective. The customers want choice and contactless digital engagement to transact whenever it suits them.

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Seeing first-hand the time and money wasted on ineffective customer contact using outbound call centres and processes that automatically put both customers and staff on the back foot, du engage was born to transform customer engagement. It gives customers the power to choose how they respond, in a way that they are most comfortable with, driving much improved results as a consequence.

du engage is a platform that helps to significantly improve customer engagement in any sector, including debt recovery, customer renewals and sales funnels. Speak to your local partner about how du engage can help your organisation to save time and money, whilst delivering transformative results.

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With this wide range of features to help make things more straightforward for both customers and debt recovery staff, some of the many benefits of the du engage platform include: 

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See how du engage can save your organisation time and money, delivering better results for a lower cost by increasing customer contact.