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du engage is an extremely flexible, low cost customer contact platform encouraging maximum responses - “options without effort”

The key points of our platform revolve around simplicity and flexibility of operation.

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Key elements of how it works are:-


Customise the platform

  • Confirm who is your main contact with whom we should work and any additional access permissions required for your team
  • Decide which of your brand names are to be used so customers know who is contacting them 
  • We provide an integrated platform or outsourced operation? You can choose which you prefer.

 Whichever you choose, steps 1 to 3 still apply.

We can manage your customer data and set up customer contact campaigns or the platform can be fully integrated into your CRM platform.

Either approach will be possible and even a mix of outsourcing initially and then integration.

We will provide your team with the necessary understanding and training to maximise the benefits of using du-engage regardless of which option you choose.

Set up campaigns

It is extremely flexible as you can load your data files with no limit on the size either by providing a data file or via your integration.

You can use your own data team to analyse your customer base and determine which segments of customers you want to contact in a campaign.

We will provide guidance and expertise to ensure your campaign uses all features of the platform to maximise results.

The flexibility of campaigns is only limited by the data fields you hold.

Campaigns can be configured by choosing your own:

  • messaging, copy and graphics
  • the payment /resolution options that you wish to include in a campaign
  • Channels via which to communicate this campaign
  • Segment(s) of customers that will receive this campaign e.g. Date of last payment and or          any other combinations such as gender, postcode/region.

Launch campaigns

Once your campaigns have been created and configured, they can be launched using your preferred digital medium of contact for each of your customer groups eg Text, email, WhatsApp.

We will monitor, record and analyse the campaign results and can provide you with reporting from our linked power BI software.

If preferred, we can send you a data file for your own analysis.

We will not handle any customer payments . All payments will be made via your own card payment provider direct to your bank account.