What Our System Delivers

du engage has been designed to have multiple features and benefits for both companies and their customer

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Engage is a web based platform which is accessible 24/7 by customers, providing maximum flexibility for a response

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System allows upload of all data fields from a client system to provide full detailed and maximum flexibility for setting up contact campaigns

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Clients will receive all payments made by their customers directly to their own account.

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Can be sent on digital communication channels and accessed by customers on all devices from desktops to mobile

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Avatars and voices can be chosen to suit campaigns or segments delivering specific messages, designed to appeal and increase customer responsiveness

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Software allows customers an option to arrange a call back on day and time which suits them

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Digital contactless delivery across multiple channels providing:

a. Full tracking delivery certificates for each customer

b. Outcome information based on each response

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Customers can engage immediately without leaving the platform or having to login to any website or payment portal. Engagement is digital and instant.

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System allows clients to segment their customer base without limitation to receive messages which are aligned to a specific profile, therefore reducing barriers to positive engagement. Segmentation can include age/gender/location or any relevant data field or combination.

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Full monitored campaign performance and success tracking with the du engage Business Intelligence platform. Performance reporting can be provided according to client requirements. We have rest API’s to transfer data instantly or CSV downloads if integration is not required.

du engage benefits for business -

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Design campaigns for specific customer groups, accurately aligning their profile to the message that is sent

Increased response rates without repeatedly pursuing and aggravating customers

Increased level of engagement that significantly lower costs of operation per contact. Enables immediate transacting whether a customer is buying a product or service or paying a debt.

Lower costs of operation as reduced number of staff employed on outbound dialling. Reduced staff turnover and lower recruitment and training costs.

Increased job satisfaction for staff as they spend more time speaking to customers who have requested contact.

Engagement is bi-directional and enables upload of documentation and other forms of communication

Software allows customer an option to arrange a call back on a day and time which suits them

The digital capabilities of the platform:

1. ensures consistent and fair customer treatment, reducing the compliance risk

2. records all customer actions, providing audit and compliance trails and enabling learnings to be made for future changes to messaging

3.enables straightforward integration with existing customer management platforms for a joined-up approach

du engage benefits for customers -

They receive concise clear messaging delivered in a more engaging style

Customers can choose how and when to engage 24/7 prioritising convenience and privacy

Customers can deal with their account without the need to engage in intrusive long telephone calls at the wrong time

Customers can engage with businesses when it suits them and take the necessary actions required by a campaign i.e. buy a product, pay a debt, make an arrangement, indicate preferences etc. Any campaign is possible across any industry

Customers can request a call back on a day and time which suits them and not waste time trying to speak to the right person at a call centre.

Case Study

A recent project using du engage in South Africa to tackle aged debt led to a huge amount of money recovered for the organisation.

  • They choose how to engage, prioritising convenience and privacy
  • They are contacted in a way that’s suited to their customer segment/identity
  • They can engage on the digital channel that best suits them
  • They have the thinking time to make informed decisions about resolving the debt
  • They can choose how to deal with the debt from a range of options that is designed to appeal to them
  • They don’t feel the pressure or stress of an unexpected phone call – they can reflect and then commit to an option that best suits their circumstances





Engagement Rate



Debt recovered
In four Weeks

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